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mindwideopen41's Journal

15 January 1978
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31/M/Fl. I've realized for a long time that I'm pretty perverted, but have had a hard time finding the right girls & afraid of being judged by the "nice" ones I guess. I've been mostly voyeuristic, watching tons of porn, reading lots of stories & blogs etc. I have to say, this place seems pretty cool. I'm very imaginative and have a LOT of specific sex topics that turn me on. I'd like to talk to girls that already know they have some kinks. If any of them turn you on, hit me back with your own twist, or what turns you on about it. Here's just a bunch of random fantasies / sexual acts that I like:

Anal - Love everything about it. Licking it, fucking it, watching you play with it, letting you play with or lick mine.

Daddy Daughter roleplay - I like lots of roleplays, but I'm just putting this one down because it's my fav. In fact, I love reading incest stories of all types, for some reason that taboo really gets me. Just hearing a girl call me Daddy is a huge turn on. I'd also love to find a bi-girl who would be into playing with another "sister" or "mommy" or even just my little girl's best friend etc. Definately love the ageplay too.

Messy, drooling blowjobs are the best. I love to watch a girl play with her spit. One of my fantasies is that my little girl got into her moms clothes, high heels and makeup. She puts on too much makeup and looks like a little girl whore. I want to mess up your makeup by forcing my cock down your throat until you're drooling all over it and wipe the spit & cum all over, messing up your makeup. As an additional "punishment" to show you what happens to little whores, I'll put some pretty pink lipstick around your pussy and asshole and fuck them until they're all messy too. This next thing I guess falls under "well, you can't help what turns you on!": I love watching a girl puke in a sexual context. Basically, if you gag yourself on my cock until you puke on it, or put on a show of sticking your fingers down your throat while I'm fucking you, then you pretty much own the right to my cum whenever you want it!

I also love pee-play. Watching a girl pee, or having her pee on me, letting me pee on her etc. Have only had someone pee on me while she was sitting on my lap with my cock in her ass once and that was awesome...she even told me to rub her face in the puddle on the bed as I fucked her from behind after :) I also got some pee in my mouth once going down on a girl. I didn't drink it, but I liked it. I'll drink yours though if you'll drink mine! I also have a lot of fantasies about being out in public with a girl who lets me watch her pee, or who wets her panties in front of me. Or maybe we're sitting on a park bench in public with our clothes on and her on my lap while she pees. Or she comes home in her schoolgirl uniform and hands me her piss soaked panties that she wet on the way home. Hmm, I'll have to think of a good punishment :)

Dirty talk - all things considered, this is probably my biggest turn on. I love a cute girl with a really dirty mouth. Something so hot about a cute girl voice saying anything dirty. Call me Daddy, call yourself a whore, beg for things, act like a deprived nymphomaniac, tell me how it's your fault, or you need to be punished, or that you have to pee.....there's too many things to list, but if you're creative, I'm sure we can play off of each other great and find our favorite little phrases that turn us on.

Control / Humiliation / Degradation - I'm not at all that controlling about regular things, I'm actually a very laid back guy in regular everyday life, but when it comes to sexual fantasies, I like to call girls dirty names, and have them refer to themselves as dirty names, call themselves "stupid" etc. I'd love to write dirty words all over you. Make you piss your panties for me. Piss on you etc. I'm not sure that I'm a "Dom" per-se. I do like to be dominant, but I also like when the girl can put herself in her place. I would also like to try out being with 2 girls where one girl is dominating the other with me.

So, there's the start to my LJ. Get in touch you dirty little whores :)