Cassie Waits For Daddy To Get Home
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Daddy / Girl Pee Play
Lately I've been thinking about writing some erotic stories.  I guess I've read enough of them over the years that I figured I would give it a go.  I just recently found LJ and some of you perverted little girls have definately got me inspired!  Here's a little daydream I had the other day.  Enjoy.  (let me know what you think)

I come home and we start fooling around a little with you in a little schoolgirl outfit with cute panties on.  You straddle me on the couch and start grinding on me while we're making out.  You're telling me all about what a naughty girl you've been today and what a slut you are and how you need to be punished.  But just before I bend you over my knee for a good spanking, you say "want to see how slutty I am Daddy?"  and lean back on my lap, pulling up your skirt so I can see your pretty pink panties......
Slowly, I see a dark patch spreading through your light pink panties.  You then lean further back, jutting your pussy towards me just as your pee starts to flow, filling up and pushing through the thin fabric of the panties.  "Look Daddy, I'm peeing!, that's really slutty isn't it?"  "Yes it is you little whore, and you're getting it all over my lap too"  "Oh, are you gonna punish me Daddy?" you pout.  "You better beleive it you little slut" I say as I stand up, removing you from my lap.  "Get down on your knees dirty girl" I command.  Obediently, you kneel down, looking up at me with uncertainty in your eyes.  "Close your eyes" I tell you.  "Now, I want you to think about what you just did.  Did pissing  your own filthy panties turn you on little girl"?  "Yes" is all you say, but I can hear the excitement in your voice.  "Well then, I bet you're really going to enjoy this" I say as I unzip my pants, pointing my cock down at you, eyes still closed and release a stream of piss all over your face.  Your eyes open in surprise as you squeel "oh Daddy, you're peeing on me!"  "It's so warm" you say as you squirm around in the stream, leaving darkened patches of soaked material all over your top and skirt.  You start to pull your top up to feel the warm liquid hitting your skin as the stream slows down.  "Ohh Daddy, that was soooo hot" you say as you giggle and lay down on your back so you can straighten out and remove the soaking panties from under your skirt.  "Take off the rest of those piss soaked clothes too baby" I tell you.  You begin to undress, and I also take off my pants since there's no way I can put them back on with the hard on created by your naughty antics.  On your knees, you begin piling the clothes on the floor with your ass up high in the air as I come up behind you and start slapping you on the ass with my hard cock.  "You like being a little piss whore, don't you?"  I ask.  "Yes Daddy, it makes me feel so dirty" you coo.  "Oh, I'm gonna fuck this little piss pussy so good" I tell you as I slide my thick cock into you from behind.  "Yeah, fuck the little dirty piss whore Daddy!"  you cry out as I begin sliding in and out, faster and faster.  Leaning over your back, I see the pile of wet clothes just in front of where your face is near the floor and reach out to them, placing them directly under your face.  I push the back of your head into the pissy smelling clothes, using my other hand to grab your ass and slide a finger into your tight little shit hole.  "Yeah Daddy, push my face in it, fuck your little piss slut Daddy, oh, yeah, finger my bum hole, oh Daddy that feels so good"  "Now you're gonna get what all little whores deserve" I say as I slide my soaking dick out of your pussy and line it up with your tight little rosebud.  "Stretch it out for me" I command.  With your face down in the piss wet clothes, you reach back with both hands, spreadhing your cheeks as your fingers work closer to the hole to stretch it out as I ease the engorged head of my penis into you.  I start to speed up, pumping in and out of your asshole, occasionally slapping your ass and enjoying the subsequent feeling of your anal tube clenching onto my cock and the beautiful pink marks on your ass.  As you feel my cock swell with the impending load of cum, you reach underneath our fucking bodies, grabbing onto my balls so that they squish up against your pussy with each stroke in your ass.  Suddenly, I can feel my hairless balls getting wet.  I know immediately that you're pissing again, and I can feel the pressure with my cock up your ass.  It's too much, and suddenly I'm filling  your back hole with a thick, heated load of creamy cum. 
Spent, I ease onto the couch, looking down at you with your face still laying in the piss soaked clothes as if they were a pillow, with your ass high up in the air.  You look over at me proudly, and with a dirty glint in your eye, reach back and dip your middle finger in the cum that's pooled up around your asshole, pushing some further in and coating your finger completely before pulling it out slowly and looking right in my eyes as you lick it clean with your tongue.  "And now that you've been punished, is my dirty little girl going to piss her panties again?" I ask.  "Every pair Daddy!" you say smiling, "and next time I'm going to pee my panties in public for you!"



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